Aquatic Climb Rock Walls

Aquatic Climbing Walls


Challenging, rewarding and engaging, the alternative sport of aquatic climbing has evolved rapidly since the 90s. Aqua­Climb products help your pool capitalize on the sport’s soaring popularity by giving people a highly enjoyable, yet totally safe way to climb in the water. More and more facilities are realizing that adding an innovative and fun fitness compo­nent like AquaClimb raises a facility’s profile and brings more families, teens and adults to the pool. Facilities use Aqua­Climb in many ways, including:

  • Unique program offering for parties, fitness and member retention
  • Supplemental training for aquatic sport teams
  • A fun workout that offers both physical and mental benefits to users

AquaClimb Product Flyer


AquaClimb Classic Line

Our most economical offering, the Classic Line offers a modular, customizable design with up to four height options and two types of panels – Spirit and Krystal.

AquaClimb Classic Plus Line

The Classic Plus line provides upgrade features from our entry Classic line, including an enhanced climbing experience by offering a 3D contour panel, replicating a more natural rock climbing experience among many other features – Ice, Ascent, Sport, Glacier, Canyon and KURVE.